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Welcome To TRT Medical Center

Welcome to TRT Medical Center. We are a premiere testosterone replacement therapy clinic that can fulfill all of your low T needs in one single place online. Our highly qualified professionals and high level of care allow patients to get tested for low T properly, diagnosed and prescribed an accurate prescription that can help to change their lives. If you want to increase your strength, stamina, vitality and sexual abilities along with removing other symptoms you are having due to low T, call us today.

What Is Testosterone Therapy


Testosterone therapy with TRT Medical Center is the safe and gentle replacement of this missing vital hormone that depletes naturally with age. Men will be prescribed intramuscular bioidentical injections and women will be prescribed a bio-identical cream.

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How to start treatment


Treatment begins with a phone call to our clinic. A compassionate clinical advisor will listen to all your symptoms and goals for therapy. We will answer all of your questions about treatment and then if you wish to continue, you will go on to get tested to see if your symptoms are being caused by a testosterone deficiency or not.

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Testosterone Therapy Benefits


Testosterone therapy benefits are life changing in the best possible ways and this is why TRT is so popular across the country. It can literally alter one’s existence from being completely lacking of any quality to exciting and full of excitement.

Studies have proven that excess body fat can be substantially reduced with the proper testosterone medication on a medically supervised TRT plan. Although not a weight loss program, this kind of therapy gives the benefit of creating a more attractive physique by helping to minimize unhealthy fat stores.

Testosterone helps the body to burn fat reserves without exercising or dieting and even during sleep. Testosterone increases energy levels, metabolism and desire to exercise; hence, also helping the body to lose body fat.

Testosterone injections taken with a prescription on a medically supervised TRT program have proven to increase lean muscle mass. Testosterone therapy combined with healthy eating and exercising will show a substantial increase in muscle, according to many prominent studies that have been conducted out of large universities and medical establishments.

The best way to raise your level of lean muscle mass is to combine heavy weightlifting while eating high levels of proteins and taking your prescribed testosterone injections.

Testosterone therapy has proven to improve heart health in many studies done across the country and overseas as well. Although TRT is not prescribed specifically for improving heart health, research has shown that men who had low levels of testosterone and were treated with testosterone replacement therapy had results that clearly reduced their risk for stroke and heart attack. Treatment also increased their overall mortality.

Therapy has been demonstrated to lower bad cholesterol levels which may have a direct impact on heart health. TRT has also shown a decrease in stress, tension, anxiety, irritability and an overall emotional stability. This helps with heart health as well.

One of the most popular benefits of testosterone replacement therapy is its effect on increasing sexual libido. This is not the only reason to take low T injections though and will not be legally prescribed for this cause. However, the hormone has proven to increase sexual desire, to eliminate erectile dysfunction, to increase sperm count, to decrease hot flashes, to make erections longer and become harder, to strengthen orgasms and to decrease infertility.

Testosterone is primarily produced in the testicles in men and in the ovaries in women. Some is produced in the adrenal glands. This hormone is widely known to play a critical or even as some scientists have said, “a key” role in sexual desire and performance. Studies consistently show that low T can lead to low sexual abilities and libido.

It has been proven through research to be a direct correlation between low testosterone levels and low bone mineral density. Both men and women who have weaker bones due to low T are more at risk for bone fractures, breaks and the disease osteoporosis. Studies have affirmed time and again the importance and high significance of having balanced testosterone levels in order to avoid low bone density and the problems that go along with that condition.

Types Of Hormone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone therapy

This is a kind of therapy that uses intramuscular injections for men and a cream for women to raise and balance testosterone levels in the blood when a deficiency in this hormone is found through a blood test. Symptoms will disappear quickly and safely when the right medication and dosage is taken. Medications used for this kind of therapy are Testosterone Cypionate, Testosterone Enanthate or Testosterone Propionate.

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Growth hormone therapy

Similar to TRT, growth hormone therapy uses medications via injections to raise and balance GH levels when they show to be low from a blood test. These shots are not taken intramuscularly; however, but subcutaneously using either a needle and syringe or innovative pens. The medications that are doctor prescribed after a deficiency is found are either Genotropin, Norditropin, Saizen, Omnitrope or Humatrope.

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Progesterone therapy

This kind of treatment is given to those who are experiencing a depletion of progesterone from their ovaries. A deficiency in progesterone can give women symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes and night sweats. It can also cause osteoporosis. Therapy with the right doctors and program can bring about great health by eliminating these problems.

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Estrogen therapy

Just like testosterone therapy, estrogen therapy can be done by both men and women when levels of this hormone get too low according to blood work. Both genders need a certain amount of estrogen in order to feel their best. Raising and balancing levels to just where they need to be for each individual is what this therapy can do when completed with a reputable clinic like TRT Medical Center. Estrogen therapy can help lower the risk of osteoporosis and keep cholesterol levels in a healthy range.

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Testosterone Injections

What kind of therapy a person requires will depend upon their blood tests which will determine which hormone they are lacking in their system.

Testosterone injections can only legally be purchased with a licensed doctor’s prescription. This will be given to a patient once the doctors read the patient’s test results and find a testosterone deficiency. TRT Medical Center doctors have been highly trained to be able to analyze the information they get from a client’s face to face appointment to get their blood taken and to get a full physical exam. They also look at a client’s medical history. With all this information, they can accurately determine with which medication and dosage a patient will do best.

Get testosterone prescription

In order to get a testosterone prescription one must follow all of our steps as outlined above. They must first make that initial phone call to us (which is always free of charge) and consult with one of our expert clinical advisors. They will share their symptoms and goals for therapy and get all of their questions answered.

The next step to get started with testosterone replacement therapy is to get tested. If blood work does not show that a person has low T, they will not qualify for legal TRT. They must then look to see what other issues can be causing their problems. If they do have a testosterone deficiency, treatment with TRT Medical Center can change everything around by balancing T levels. Results will usually begin to show within the first week.