Testosterone level

Testosterone levelWhat is a healthy testosterone level for men? That question will be answered in many different ways depending upon the person asked. The Mayo Clinic reports that, after the age of thirty, a man can expect to see a 1% decrease each year.

That translates to a 10% decrease each and every decade. By the age of sixty, it is feasible to notice a decrease of 30% or more.

So exactly where do we begin to look for what the healthy testosterone levels for men are? Even the laboratories conducting blood tests offer differing viewpoints as to what is considered in normal range.At Quest Labs, a normal range for men over the age of 18 would be 250 – 1100 ng/dl (which stands for nanograms per deciliter). At LabCorp, the normal range is 350 – 1030 ng/dl.Why this discrepancy?


Quite simply, even the medical community has yet to set real and direct guidelines as to what is considered normal or average. Even those falling within the range of the above mentioned testosterone levels chart might exhibit signs of a deficiency. Imagine the difference a man would feel if his level was 255 ng/dl, as compared with someone who was at the 1050 ng/dl point. Yet both men would be considered within the normal range.

Discover How to Increase Testosterone Levels

Are there ways to increase testosterone levels without medication? The answer to this question is yes, but serious changes need to be made when it comes to lifestyle. For many men, accomplishing all these changes is virtually impossible. For those who can; however, it is possible to restore healthy testosterone levels without medical intervention. What are these steps?

  • Ensure 8 hours of quality sleep each night
  • Consume a healthy diet high in lean protein and vegetables
  • Avoid or significantly reduce sugar intake
  • Avoid high fat and fried foods
  • Reduce stress
  • Engage in vigorous/strenuous cardio exercise every day
  • Receive 15 minutes of sunlight each day
  • Increase resistance workouts to high intensity

Most people will find it possible to engage in 1 or 2 of the items on the above list, but to properly increase the testosterone level, each item must become a part of daily existence. For many men, exhaustion, fatigue, and lack of energy and motivation make working out an impossibility. Low T results in poor sleep, which in turn, makes it difficult to receive the required 8 hours that the body needs to produce adequate amounts of hormones. Using the guidelines in the testosterone levels chart makes it easy to determine what steps need to be taken to restore hormonal balance without resorting to medical intervention. However, if this is not entirely possible, know that there are experienced doctors here to help.

Why is it Necessary to Maintain Healthy Testosterone Levels?

Even though a man’s total testosterone level on a blood test may fall within the guidelines above for what is considered normal, if the numbers are at the lower end of the spectrum, unwanted symptoms often occur. Men tend to carry excess fat around the belly, resulting in an increased risk for obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. Lower bone density increases the risk of osteoporosis which can result in broken bones. Research has shown that the majority of people do not rebound from hip fractures that happen with age. This is why it is necessary to maintain healthy testosterone levels throughout life.


One of the most dreaded signs of Low T is sexual decline. This can manifest as erectile dysfunction, loss of morning erection, failure to achieve erection, inability to maintain erection, decreased pleasure, poor stamina, and even inability to achieve orgasm. If the numbers from a blood test fall on the lower end of the testosterone levels chart spectrum, treatment with doctor prescribed injections can reverse this condition. Job productivity is in danger when mental functions, drive, and productivity begin to suffer. Depression and mood changes can affect co-workers and family members alike. That is why it is vital to seek out the assistance of trained medical professionals to correct this deficiency.

Compare Values on this Testosterone Levels Chart

Neither of these laboratories breakdown the guidelines on an age to age basis, yet studies have been done that create a testosterone levels chart for men of different ages. Checkout the chart below to determine the average based upon age.
Other studies go on to show that for a man between the age of 65 and 74 the average level is 524, between 75 and 84 – 471, and between 85 and 100 – 376.


Does this mean that if a person is 40 years of age and has a total testosterone level of 471 that they will feel as though they are in their mid-seventies to eighties? It may very well seem that way. Lower levels of testosterone are responsible for lack of energy, decreased sex drive, loss of lean muscle mass and strength, lack of endurance and stamina, decreased cognitive functions, loss of bone density, weight gain, and even hair loss. Is it any wonder why many men with Low T complain about depression and a poor outlook?

Testosterone Levels Chart

AgeAverage5% range95% range
Under 25 692408956
55-59552319 866

Raise Testosterone Level with Doctor Prescribed Injections

If the signs of a testosterone deficiency have taken over, help is close at hand. The physician specialists at “TRT Medical Center ®” ((800) 305-5204) have been prescribing bioidentical injections to raise the testosterone level in men for quite some time. All across the US, men are receiving the benefits of these incredible injections. From restored sexual functions and pleasure to increased energy, the results of these doctor prescribed testosterone injections are phenomenal. Increased bone density, weight loss, improved memory and focus, and increased lean muscle mass and strength can literally be a life changer. Restoring healthy testosterone levels is imperative for a happy life. It can feel next to near impossible to smile without energy, focus, and positive mood.


Working with experts who understand the changing hormones in the body, the effects of a deficiency, and the benefits of treatment can make the difference between a lackluster life and one filled with vitality and passion. To arrange for a blood test, to check levels against those on the testosterone levels chart, simply fill out the requested information in the contact form on this page. A phone number is provided at the top of the page for those wanting to contact our medical professionals directly. Life is too precious to waste a moment feeling anything less than perfect.