Testosterone side effects

What Are The Most Common Testosterone Side Effects: A List

Testosterone side effects

Below is a list of the most common testosterone side effects. When reading this list, it is important to remember that not all people get these issues. They are not something to overly worry about when partaking in therapy. We just want to educate all of our patients as to what can possibly happen if something is not right during therapy, so that they are aware and can get help quickly.

What are the side effects of testosterone? Here are just some of the issues that have been most commonly reported if a side effect does occur:

Possible Side Effects From

Testosterone Therapy


A rash




Redness at injection site

Irritation or itching at injection site


Swelling of hands, feet or ankles


Swelling of mouth, lips, tongue or gums



Stomach cramping


Loose stool

Blood in stool or urine

Darker colored stool or urine

Difficulty with urination

Increased hunger

Increased thirst

Loss of appetite

Body pain

Joint pain

Muscle pain

Erectile dysfunction

Vaginal dryness

Prolonged erections

Shrinking testicles

Breast pain or swelling in men

An increase in breast size in men

A deepening of the voice

Lower sexual desire or sexual libido

Blood clots


Anxiety, tension or increased stress





Mood swings


Anger outburst

Loss of memory

Difficulty with concentration

Difficulty with focus

A mental foggy feeling

Bad breath

Fruity smell to breath


Ulcers in mouth

Shortness of breath

Trouble breathing

Chest pain or chest pressure

Heart palpitations


Disturbed sleep

Why Do Side Effects Of Testosterone Occur

We like to educate our prospective patients about why side effects of testosterone can occur. It is not a common occurrence, so to reduce the fear of the possibility, let us share what can go wrongly to create problems.

Then we will share how avoid issues. Being proactive in any medical program, or in just about anything in life, can help to make the situation flow more smoothly. It can help people to reap healthier, quicker and safer results without any problems.

Why can side effects of taking testosterone happen?

  • The person is not working with a reputable clinic that only works with the most professional staff of trained and compassionate clinical advisors and licensed doctors. Let us expand upon this idea:

Firstly, the importance of working with trained and understanding advisors might not be as obvious to some as it is to others. Being fully trained means that the professional is an expert in this area of medicine and can share the process of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) completely to a patient. He or she can answer questions and address concerns right away so that a patient has a complete education on this kind of treatment right away before deciding to take the next step.

It is imperative for advisors to be compassionate and understanding towards client’s needs. When a patient reaches out to us, it is usually because they are feeling under the weather, depressed, weak and lethargic. They are usually having many issues including physical ones, emotional ones, mental ones and sexual ones. The people who call us are not at their best and can often be very vulnerable. They are looking towards professionals for help and a dishonest clinic can take advantage of this fact.

Signs of growing older are what will innately occur in most people as they age and depleting testosterone is causing the problems that they are having. They need an advisor that can make them feel highly comfortable talking about often embarrassing issues. The rapport must begin right off the bat from that first free phone consultation. If this relationship is not established early on, the success of therapy might be compromised.

Patients should all feel as comfortable as possible with their advisor in order to open up and share some of their most intimate issues. This takes letting go of embarrassment or inhibitions. Sharing the most amount of pertinent information will give the advisor the best chance of helping the patient in the best way he or she can. Withholding medical information can only stunt change and be detrimental to treatment.

  • The person is trying to save money or does not have low T and therefore, looks to unknown sources for their medications. This can be a terrible idea.

Some people may try to get testosterone injections in order to increase sexual libido and performance or to gain muscle mass quickly. These are not reasons by themselves that can make a person legally eligible for these kinds of injections. They must have other issues as well that are clinically proven to be from low T as discovered through blood testing.

Therefore, they will go overseas, to unknown clinics, to the online black market or to people who illegally sell injections for money. These injections are never guaranteed to be safe, pure, authentic or to have any medication or enough medication in them to create change. In addition, how would a patient know what medication is best for them or know how much they will need for safe change without any side effects of testosterone? They cannot know this. Plus, they will mostly not have clinical advisor assistance or medical supervision; two must haves for safe and legal therapy.

This kind of approach is never advised. It can bring about some of the most risky and dangerous testosterone for men side effects; and for women as well.

  • The patient has an allergic reaction to the medication

One of the most important benefits of working with licensed doctors who medically supervise patients are to catch unforeseen allergic reactions immediately. When working with a reputable and honest clinic, they will do detailed medical history checks and besides taking blood work, they will also have their patients get a physical exam completed. This is the first step to helping to avoid testosterone for women side effects;or side effects for men.

If a doctor does not determine from testing that a person is allergic to a medication and an allergy does come out during treatment, the physician can immediately step in and adjust or change a dosage or completely stop a medication. People who work with clinics that only illegally sell medications (real or tainted) will not provide this service to people so that they can stop a problem right away if an allergy does happen.

What Is The Best Way To Avoid Side Effects Of Taking Testosterone

In summation, we know about taking testosterone side effects, but let us now talk about the best ways to avoid them.

  • Use only a reputable clinic for therapy
  • Never use medications from overseas, from the black online market or from any unqualified providers
  • Understand that only those over 30 can get prescriptions for TRT and that they must be clinically proven to have a testosterone deficiency as proven by blood work
  • Be proactive by seeing if an allergic reaction from the medication could occur (testing and a physical exam with a medical history can possibly show this)
  • Get the proper testing done (as set up by your clinic) to get put on the most accurate treatment plan with the correct prescription.

We already know that we should only use a reputable clinic for TRT and to follow their protocol to help avoid side effects from testosterone. Taking your own health into your hands and being responsible about following your prescription, reporting anything usual that may happen and committing to the process will help you get the best benefits from therapy and to avoid any testosterone side effects.