What Causes Low Testosterone?

What causes low testosterone in men

With increasing frequency, doctors in the US are being questioned about what causes low testosterone by their adult and primarily male patients. Yet while the answer to that particular query is a multi-faceted one, many primary care physicians would rather refer their patients who are seeking testosterone replace therapy to specialists who have more experience in this specific area of practice.


Naturally, any qualified physician understands the basics about what causes low testosterone in men; from their training and education, they have learned that certain illnesses such as COPD, Type 2 diabetes, can sometimes be the culprit as can kidney and/or liver disease.


They also realize that treatments like chemotherapy, radiation therapy and steroid-based medications can also be responsible for what causes low testosterone levels. However, even when a physician is fully aware of the fact that the single most common cause of testosterone loss in men is simply getting older, he or she may feel that it is more advantageous for the patient to pursue their symptoms with the assistance of a testosterone replacement therapy specialist.

Causes Low Testosterone in Men

Although what causes low testosterone is clearly understood by the segment of the medical community that has focused on this condition, it is primarily the men who want to take a more proactive attitude to maintaining peak levels of vitality and virility who are now investigating what causes low testosterone levels.


What they are discovering is that while the gradual reduction of their naturally produced hormonal supply is an inevitable component of aging, there are other factors which can accelerate and exacerbate the regression of testosterone levels, such as carrying excess weight, living stressfully, and not getting enough exercise.


Yet during the process of learning about what causes low testosterone in men, many adults have become surprisingly savvy about the options for restoring Low T levels that are available to them. However, what is not a surprise to the medical professionals who have been prescribing injectable testosterone for years is how often adults continue to choose this extremely successful treatment; it consistently works that well to reverse what causes low testosterone.

What Causes of Low Testosterone Levels

What causes low testosterone in men

Based on many years of research, doctors know that an interruption or change in the internal signaling process between the brain and testes is usually what causes low testosterone levels. Also, they know that testes that have been damaged by injury or disease, rendering them incapable of producing an adequate quantity of the essential masculine hormone, can also be responsible for what causes low testosterone in men.


When a man’s body is not producing enough testosterone, doctors refer to this syndrome as hypogonadism; and while some men are born with this medical condition, others may develop it later in life.


There are actually two classifications of hypogonadism, Primary (traced to a defect in the testes) and Secondary (traced to a defect located in the brain’s hypothalamus); both categories are considered to be what causes low testosterone in men and both types will instigate its notorious signs and symptoms. Fortunately, both Primary and Secondary hypogonadism are easily treatable by replenishing low testosterone levels with bioidentical hormone therapy.


Can Low Testosterone Be Prevented?

Over the last ten years or so, there has been a progressive acceleration in the amount of men who want to become more proactive about delaying and minimizing the development of Low T symptoms. However, when the loss of testosterone is due entirely to natural effects of the advancing years on the body’s endocrine system, even making the healthiest lifestyle choices will not be able to prevent what causes low testosterone in many cases.


So while nothing can stop a man’s ongoing biological processes from progressively depleting his testosterone levels, much can be accomplished to restore the ideal hormonal balance that enhances every aspect of maintaining health and vitality. How can low testosterone be prevented? While it is not really possible to prevent Low T, it is entirely possible to forestall it…to lessen it…and even to vanquish it. With the help of an experienced clinic or physician who has an expertise in prescribing testosterone replacement programs, adults can become less concerned with what causes low testosterone levels and focus on what can be done to restore them.

Replenishing Low Testosterone Levels

In 2012, The Endocrine Society conducted a study that made an interesting observation regarding what causes low testosterone in men. Amazed by the weight loss success rate that resulted from the use of treatment programs, the researchers concluded that a cycle exits where obesity in middle age can lead to testosterone deficiency, and having insufficient testosterone levels can lead to weight gain. Yet they noted that what causes low testosterone levels (in this case, obesity was specifically studied) could also be rapidly reversed by using therapeutic injections to replace the hormonal loss. The established medical professionals who prescribe injectable treatment programs for men with hormone deficiency, such as Kingsberg Medical, fully understand not only what what causes low testosterone but how to quickly correct this condition, as well.