What Does Testosterone Do?

How testosterone works

It is common knowledge that testosterone is a vitally important hormone relating to energy levels, stamina and the desire for physical relations.


Studies continue to find more exciting ways in which testosterone provides an immensely positive effect on men and women. In 2012 researchers at the University of Bonn, one of Germany’s most important institutes of higher education, released some very interesting data produced by a study on what does testosterone do.


Along with the known physiological effects of testosterone in the body, the university’s research indicated that this complex hormone is also responsible for some previously uninvestigated behavioral influences, adding a new dimension to the medical understanding of how testosterone works. The results of this study indicated that among the men who participated, increased testosterone levels translated to an increase in certain desirable characteristics such as honesty, optimism and sociability. Researchers discovered that higher levels of testosterone produced a greater sense of self-confidence and pride, which in turn fostered the positive behaviors that enhance those feelings. These unexpected results shed new light on the age-old question, what does testosterone do for adult men?


How Testosterone Works

When a man is feeling defeated by the symptoms triggered by Low T, it would be completely understandable that his first and foremost questions about getting relief might be, “How much testosterone should I inject in order to start feeling better fast?” Yet before beginning a replenishment program that has been prescribed to successfully relieve his condition, it is advisable for him and for any man who wants to eradicate his testosterone deficiency symptoms to gain an understanding of how testosterone works. The gradual decline of this essential biological resource is something that occurs as men (and women) age, even though females have only about one-tenth of the amount as that of their male counterparts to begin with.


After peaking, usually during late adolescence, the typical male’s testosterone supply begins to slowly yet steadily decrease, year after year. While this relentless loss may not affect all men in the same way, it can produce an assortment of unwelcome complications if levels become clinically low. It is these complications, which include both physical and emotional changes, which can make an adult painfully aware of what does testosterone do. Faced with an inadequate supply of this essential hormone, they discover the hard way that it does, in fact, a great deal.

How Much Testosterone Should I Inject?

How testosterone works

One of the things that have made testosterone replacement therapy more accessible in recent years is the availability of prescription injections that can be self-administered. While some adults may prefer to visit their physician’s office to receive treatment, many more are opting instead to order their prescribed testosterone injections online for home or office delivery.


However, to correctly self-administer therapeutics, the patient must know the correct answer to questions such as how much testosterone should I inject and what is the best site to use? Since there is panoply of tutorials and other patient assistance that can be found online, learning how to handle these procedures is not difficult.


Yet what about the person who wants to speak directly to a medical professional about how much testosterone should I inject and other issue before making a decision about starting treatment? With the expansion of medical providers who offer online convenience to their patients, adults wishing to receive personalized assistance regarding how testosterone works can turn to a nationwide HRT resource like “TRT Medical Center” for information and support regarding questions such as how much testosterone should I inject?

Benefits of Using Injectable Testosterone

Fortunately, the therapeutic process of restoring a man’s Low T levels requires far less time than the biological process that is responsible for depleting them. By utilizing a program of medically prescribed bio-identical injections, an adult male who has been grappling with demoralizing symptoms will typically experience the benefits of using injectable testosterone within several weeks. The positive results of using replenishment therapy encompass all of the body parts and functions influenced by testosterone and include substantial improvements in everything from better sleep quality to improved bone density.


Most men already know how testosterone works in maintaining a satisfying sex life along with staying strong and in shape, but not nearly as many realize that having a sufficient supply can decrease the future risk for stroke and many other debilitating conditions. There is undoubtedly far more to know about Low T replacement therapy than how much testosterone should I inject and every day, more men are beginning to realize exactly how testosterone works to keep feeling and looking their very best for life.

Finding Physicians Who Prescribe Testosterone

Whether an adult who wants to personally experience what does testosterone do has the time and desire to makes regular visits to his doctor’s office for treatment, or feels perfectly comfortable with the convenience that self-administering provides, finding physicians who prescribe testosterone for insufficient levels is a legal necessity. A prescription for Low T therapy from a licensed doctor is required by US law in order to purchase, receive or use testosterone injections.


It is the only way to ensure that these treatments are not misused for the purpose of athletic performance or bodybuilding enhancement, and that only adults with a demonstrated clinical need to replenish harmfully low levels are able to receive this powerfully effective therapy. Although discovering exactly what does testosterone do in the body took many years of painstaking biological research, uncovering the benefits of testosterone replacement therapy takes far less time.