What Is Testosterone?

If any ten people were randomly selected to describe what is testosterone, there is a high likelihood that there would be ten totally divergent answers. Yet when a man suspects that Low T levels could be the catalyst for the symptoms that are making him miserable, knowing the correct answers to questions like what is low testosterone and how is it currently being treated should become a priority.

The male sex hormone known as testosterone belongs to the androgen class.

Production of this critical hormone for males and also for females, who produce a substantially lower quantity, is controlled in the brain by the hypothalamus and in men, it occurs primarily in the testes. Many people know the answer to what is testosterone responsible for, which is the development of reproductive organs and typically masculine traits such as a deeper voice and body/facial hair. However, it is far less common to find adults who realize how integral the body’s hormonal supplies are to being capable of enjoying a lifetime of healthiness and vitality. The fact is that it is undeniably essential to have accurate knowledge of what is testosterone and the part it plays in maximizing the adult years.

What Is Low Testosterone?

It would be fair to surmise that present generations have greater access to information about what is low testosterone, or Low T, than that of previous generations because this medical condition along with its options for treatment have become mainstream. The media, the Internet and the general public are all part of the magnified awareness surrounding what is testosterone deficiency, its complications and its “cure.”


Here in the United States, physicians have actually been treating adults experiencing Low T symptoms for longer than five decades, when many years of diligent medical research provided the answer to what is low testosterone. As many adults have now learned, Low T is the natural cessation of testosterone production, which leads to the steady and gradual decline of peak levels. With the demoralizing loss of those levels, the numerous wellness benefits they have sustained are also lost.

What Is Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

If or when the progressive loss of the male hormonal supply reaches the level of clinical deficiency, it is extremely helpful to know the answer to what is testosterone replacement therapy? In medical terms, this refers to a series or program of prescription treatments that are usually self-administered by injection to restore depleted testosterone levels.


The entire answer to what is low testosterone therapy also includes prescribed treatments in the form of topically applied creams and gels. However, injectable testosterone is considered far and away to be the single most effective means of eliminating the draining symptoms related to a Low T diagnosis. This powerfully restorative therapy is only legally available here in the USA with a valid prescription provided by a licensed and fully credentialed physician.

How To Find Doctors Who Prescribe Testosterone Therapy

One of the first things that a person who wants to uncover useful information about how to find doctors who prescribe testosterone therapy is that not all physicians feel familiar enough with hormone replacement protocols to prescribe it for their patients. So that can present some challenges, depending on where a person happens to live, in finding a local doctor who not only understands what is testosterone deficiency, but also feels comfortable in prescribing and overseeing the appropriate replenishment program for the patient.


Thankfully, with the nationwide access to HRT specialists like “TRT Medical Center”, it is now possible for adults to get answers to questions such as what is low testosterone and how well does the process for treatment work? The patient support clinicians at “TRT Medical Center”are readily available to answer questions and arrange for locally available testing by calling or emailing them.