A healthier life with only ten minutes each day

A healthier life with only ten minutes each day

A no-effort approach to a healthy lifestyle sounds like a miracle, but as they always tell us, it is possible. Why is it possible? Because just like everything else, if you take it one step at a time, it is not only easy, it is cheap and not time consuming. Putting your emotional, spiritual, and physical well being first sounds like way too much time, but what if being able to reduce fatigue and increasing energy only took ten minutes each day?

This is the Ten Minute A Day Guide to starting to have a healthy life. If you take ten minutes every day and did one of these things, your start on the path to a healthier you would be complete.

Water. Drinking more water than we ever thought we needed would lead to less headaches, less sicknesses, less migraines, and lighter periods for women. It also leads to less muscle pain after hard work, and a less stressful day due to the nature of the body needing water to work. It even helps relieve tension when speaking in tense situations, such as before a group, to a superior at work, or with a new date. Drink two times what you do now and see the documented and proven anti-aging effects happening.

Go for a walk. We spend much of our life just walking, and much of our lives are spent trying to get places quicker. However, we never take the time to practice walking. Why not practice this thing we do so often to get better at it? Teaching our muscles to do it better as well as keeping our heart healthy is, in all seriousness, one of the best things we can do for our own sanity and health.

Go spend time in nature. Oxygen is obviously important to us, but getting it straight from the source is one of the best things we can do for ourselves. Taking some of the impure elements out and taking in oxygen is a sure fire way to feel better and improve our health. Living in cities just is not good enough for the oxygen needs we have, so get out there and take in some pure oxygen.

Hug somebody. Even better, let someone hug you back. Hugging gives off good endorphins, resulting in the exact same chemical signal as lighting up a cigarette for the pleasure centers of our brain, and all without the addiction complications afterwards.

Have some fruit. A half cup of fruit like grapes and berries is enough for most days. The benefits are based in the disease fighting nature of phytonutrients like proanthocyanins and quercetin, both of which do wonders for the immune system in all kinds of ways, as well as increasing energy for your entire body with just a small bowl of food.

Have a big salad. Remember those phytonutrients? Guess what else has them! Salad is also one of the healthiest sources of iron, a very important nutrient, as well as all of the other benefits of salads. I could list off tons of benefits of salads, but odds are if you are reading this, you know them. Instead, I will point out that one of the best things about salad is that it is dirt cheap. Be healthy and thrifty!

Relax. Meditate if you know how or are inclined to. If you are not, just unplug from the technology, turn on some music, go for a walk (see above), or even just take a nice warm bath/shower. Relaxing the muscles, sensory organs, and body in general is a wonderful idea.

Breathe deeply as often as possible. Deep breathing is one of the cheapest and most effective measures to being able to prevent stress and reduce fatigue. It raises oxygen levels in the brain and blood stream, leading to clearer thinking and better decision making. It is a good idea.

Snack effectively on things like nuts, whole grain pita, hummus, or other filling yet healthy foods. This stabilizes you blood sugar levels, as well as eventually bringing balance to your weight almost by itself, due to the more constant action of your metabolism.

Drink fresh juice. The best juices are those made with green vegetables, but any fresh juice is better than no juice. Getting the juice into your system is one of the best ways to start increasing energy levels in your system.

Enjoy nature’s smells. Seriously, though, get your hippy on for just a few minutes each day and breathe deeply of nature, specifically flowers. There are a few reasons to do this, with the simplest being that flowers are natural aromatherapy, reducing stress and improving the quality of your day. Also, the individual molecules of scent that hit your nostrils cause the receptors to fire off signals telling your body to produce hormones that are opposite that of stress hormones. It may seem silly, but it does help.

Be grateful. Gratitude has been shown on an ever increasing amount of studies to be linked with happiness and personal well being. There is no better cure for a big head than a good old dose of gratitude, anyways.

Remove toxins from your home/workplace. Many different cleaners, dryer sheets, airborne scents, and various other common household items are toxins that have been shown to react badly with humans if exposed over long periods of time. If you need the item for a specific purpose, than replace it with a natural option.

Be nice. Acts of kindness have the power to change an entire day around, so go out of your way to give small things to people. This does not mean give beyond your means, but if it is within your power to make someone’s day better, why not? It could just make yours better as well.

Take a bath in Epsom salts. Remember that suggestion above to take a bath or shower to relax? This is an even better method. There is magnesium in Epsom Salts that helps your muscles relax, as well as there being a large amount of benefit to your immune system. If you ever want to reduce fatigue better and faster than you ever thought possible, this is the way.

Now that you know how, what will you do to make your day better today? How about tomorrow? This is the way to start on a path to healthy lifestyle, so if you can cross off every one of these after two weeks or so, you will know that you are healthier than before. It is worth it.