Testosterone cream

Testosterone Cream For Women

Testosterone cream
One of the most common reasons our doctors prescribe testosterone cream for women is if the female is dealing with a minimal or non-existent libido. This is most often caused by low testosterone in their bodies. This low T is usually caused by the aging process or because of poor lifestyle habits. Our clinics are right here to talk to any client who has an interest in increasing their low testosterone levels (as determined by a blood test) with testosterone cream for women. The cream we use is topical only and is should be massaged into the inner arm or outer thigh gently on an everyday basis for the best results.  As women age just like men, their hormone levels decline and a plunge in testosterone levels may have the outcome of a loss of sexual interest and sexual response, weight gain, a slowed mental acuity, loss of bone density that can lead to osteoporosis, heart issues and a loss of skin pliability and attractiveness. There are even more symptoms that testosterone cream for women can reverse, so call us soon to discover how we can help.

Testosterone Cream

Testosterone is most universally thought to be a male hormone; however, females have it too and when depleted in the body, women can feel the effects just as strongly as men will.  Testosterone cream, when applied topically to the woman’s clean, freshly showered skin on her inner arm or her outer thigh daily has been proven to improve low sexual libido. The cream is usually white and odorless, so it is not offensive and it is simple to apply. The dose of a prescription testosterone cream is obtainable in only as prescribed from our doctors once we know that a need is confirmed by blood test results. We usually prescribe a very low dosage for safety reasons, as that is all women need. Since they have a little amount in their systems to begin with, we only strive to replace what is missing and not give any more than is necessary for the very best positive results.

Testosterone Cream Prescription

Just like with our testosterone injections, a testosterone cream prescription will only be written by our licensed doctors upon a complete medical exam, a discovery of full medical history and current symptoms, existing medical conditions and blood work. Women are prescribed testosterone cream instead of injections most often because they need a lot less testosterone than men and it is often safer to self administer such a low dose by cream rather than by injections. To get a prescription testosterone cream, the process is very easy and not time consuming. Clients will first speak with our clinical advisors and only leave their home one time for their physical exam and to give their blood. They will then wait for their diagnosis from home and once our doctors believe they would benefit from getting a prescription testosterone cream, the medication will be shipped directly and discreetly to their home or to their office. Then our experts will always be available for consultation when needed during work hours. A client will never be unaided when they are under our medical supervision, and we will help them through the process as they start to feel their bodies working better with more strength, less fatigue and a higher sexual yearning and response. It all begins with a phone call to us to get a prescription testosterone cream.

How to use Testosterone Cream for Women

Many women have heard that how to use testosterone cream for women is by applying to their genital area. This is a misconception that needs to be corrected. When a client is legally given a prescription testosterone cream from our reputable clinic, we will share that they need to apply the safe testosterone cream our doctors prescribe to their clean skin during the most suitable time each day which is usually after a shower. This should be done the same time every day. What a woman needs to do is to rub the testosterone cream into their skin on the inside of either arm. The other option is to rub it into the skin of one of their outer thighs. It is not complicated to apply by gently massaging it in a circular motion continuously into the skin until the testosterone cream for women is fully absorbed. Testosterone cream is most often dissolved within 60 seconds from the time it is massaged into the skin. The amount of time it will take to work will often vary among each woman; however, it is a quick process. The medication should be applied daily, but if it is missed one day, a woman is advised to only apply the testosterone cream for women if remembered within 9 hours of the usual dosage time, otherwise, they should wait for the next day.

Natural Testosterone Cream for Women

Natural testosterone cream for women is widely used in place of injections when women necessitates increasing their already low levels of the hormone. Women, like men, need testosterone in their bodies to help with feeling strong, healthy and full of desire for intimacy. Women do have much less testosterone than men, but it does not mean that most of them could do well without the correct amounts that their bodies need. Age will very quickly begin depleting their natural testosterone levels usually sometime after age 30 and testosterone cream can help to gently and naturally replace what is missing so that the woman can experience a great life full of high quality.