Choose the Best Testosterone Booster Available

Choose the Best Testosterone Booster Available

When searching for a testosterone booster, many times what turns up in the search are products labeled as herbal or natural supplements. Walk into any health food store, vitamin shop, or even the neighborhood pharmacy, and there is a strong chance that the shelves will be filled with many of these types of products.


Many of the top testosterone boosters can be found advertised in protein powders, shakes, energy drinks, protein bars, and amino-acid packets.


The big question is “do they work?” In most cases, the answer is no. Numerous studies have been done to check the effectiveness of many of these products. Men’s Health reported in an online article about many of these products. For most, the results were not as promising as what might be expected. Before choosing a product that is advertised as a testosterone boost, it is advisable to research the properties before wasting money on these types of items.


The list of supplements claiming to boost this crucial hormone is quite extensive, and growing larger nearly every day. Therefore, only some of the top testosterone boosters that are marketed will be discussed today. The goal of this page is to assist in the choice of the best possible testosterone booster available. Knowledge is power, and the knowledge provided below will enable an educated decision to be made.

Top Testosterone Boosters

Top Testosterone Boosters

There are a number of reasons to go in search of the top testosterone boosters. Each of these reasons can improve the health of the person who is suffering from Low T, the term given to describe the condition that comes from having decreased levels of testosterone in the blood stream. For the most part, this shortage begins around the age of thirty, and continues to worsen throughout life with each passing year.


That is why receiving a testosterone boost can be so beneficial for both men and women who are experiencing the symptoms of Low T.

The first product to be examined here is DHEA. Widely popular and touted as being able to slow the signs of aging and preventing muscle loss, this supplement was the subject of a study presented in the New England Journal of Medicine that showed none of the benefits that men expect to find from a muscle booster. Researchers found no significant muscle strength or body composition changes. As a testosterone booster, DHEA has not only been found to be ineffective, but since it also reduces good cholesterol and increases estrogen (resulting in “man boobs”), it is not recommended for use. The next supplement is Tribulus Terrestris, and is derived from the puncturevine plant.

For those looking for a testosterone boost, this product claims to increase muscle mass, strength, and libido. A study in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology failed to find these results substantiated. Again, this product could lower good cholesterol and cause breast enlargement. L-Arginine and Creatine are two widely known and used supplements. In the case of L-Arginine, the lack of benefit and increased risk of heart attack removes it from the list of top testosterone boosters. Creatine has been shown to have benefits for high intensity and resistance training workouts, yet muscle cramping and stress injuries are possible. There are many other types of supplements that wind up with the same results.

What are Testosterone Boosters?

It may not always be clear what are testosterone boosters and what is the difference between these products and prescription testosterone therapy. As previously mentioned, products that claim to boost hormones naturally do not necessarily accomplish what they state. The only true way to boost the chemical level in the body naturally and safely is with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. For men, this type of testosterone boost comes in the form of injections. For women, a prescription cream is used to correct a Low T deficiency. The doctors at “TRT Medical Center ®” run specialized blood tests to determine what type of treatment is needed to correct a testosterone deficiency in the most effective manner.

Providing this type of testosterone booster actually raises the level of this chemical in the body, allowing for reversal of the negative effects a deficiency can bring. The main reasons most men turn to these products is to increase libido, muscle size, stamina, and strength. The hope is that the use of these top testosterone boosters will accomplish that goal, but as seen in the aforementioned studies, this is usually not the case. The reason these products are advertised is to correct a condition that stems from a naturally occurring deficiency that takes place as a result of aging, and as it is a medical condition, the proper medical intention can correct the situation.

Effects of Testosterone Boosters for Men

When going in search of the effects of testosterone boosters, it is best to have a clear idea of what is hoped to accomplish. For those looking to increase muscle size and strength, nothing at all can compare to a well-planned exercise program. Personal trainers that recommend illegal supplements for the purpose of building muscle are doing disservice and putting the human body at risk of negative effects. The top testosterone boosters have been shown to have little to no effect in this category. For those with low hormone production, treatment by injection for men and cream for women can enable the body to rebuild lean muscle mass while effectively trimming excess fat.


In addition, testosterone injections can stimulate the libido, increasing sexual desire and performance in males.


Mental focus and clarity improve, with increased memory and concentration. Hair growth that has previously ceased may resume production. When the body is provided with a prescription testosterone boost, depression gives way to a brighter outlook. Productivity improves as a result of increased energy and restful sleep. The overall sense of well-being can make quite a difference. These results are not seen with the type of testosterone booster that is sold over the counter. A doctor’s prescription is required to receive this bioidentical treatment that can bring the desired results.

Side Effects of Testosterone Boosters for Women

Women searching for the side effects of testosterone boosters are usually hoping for a reversal in the negative effects brought about by both age and menopause. It is sometimes difficult to know whether sexual disinterest, weight gain, and muscle loss are a result of the natural aging process or due to decreased hormone levels. What is known is that, as a woman ages, her hormone levels do fluctuate and decrease.

Whereas estrogen was once the go to drug for women going through their life changes, the risks from this therapy in many cases outweigh the benefits. Searching for the top testosterone boosters has become common place among many women today hoping for a better way to conquer their symptoms. Numerous supplements are marketed specifically for women facing this change of life. As with men, many of these products offer little to no benefit, and some might even be dangerous.

Research has shown that receiving a testosterone boost in the form of a prescription cream that is tailored to a woman’s specific needs provides all the desired effects. Most women report weight loss, especially the dreaded belly fat that has been shown to increase the risk of many unwanted illnesses and medical conditions. When used as a testosterone booster, this cream can increase the production of lean muscle mass, improve memory and concentration, lift the spirits, reverse vaginal dryness, put an end to hot flashes and night sweats, and provide deeper sleep. What more can be asked from a testosterone booster? How about increased energy, thicker hair, and increased stamina? Goodbye menopause and hello brighter future!

Natural Testosterone Boosters

Are there any natural testosterone boosters that can be used in place of these products? While testosterone injections for men and creams for women are the best method for accomplishing the goal of restoring the hormone levels to where they were when a person was in their early twenties (at the peak of hormone production), there are steps that can be taken to help provide a natural testosterone boost. The first step is to eat a diet rich in heart-healthy fats, zinc, and other necessary vitamins. Avoiding sugar and artificial sweeteners is another plus. Getting outside for 15 minutes each day to boost vitamin D production is essential.

The next natural testosterone booster is the reduction of stress, which in this hectic day and age can be difficult to accomplish. Ensure that adequate exercise in the form of strenuous cardio workouts and resistance training is received. Finally – lose weight. For many people, weight gain accompanies low levels of testosterone, which is why it may be necessary to turn to the top testosterone boosters – prescription injections and creams – as prescribed by the doctors at ‘TRT Medical Cebter ®”. Finally, avoid products with claims that seem outlandish or absurd. Before beginning any type of therapy for hormone replacement purposes, always consult with a knowledgeable doctor for guidance.