How can i boost my testosterone?

How can i boost my testosterone?

Testosterone levels decrease with both the natural aging process and with unhealthy living habits. So, although Mother Nature may sap a person’s testosterone levels, people can help themselves to replenish it naturally by changing some of the unhealthy habits they have. We get asked every day, how can I boost my testosterone? This is an easy question to answer, and here are some of the things that both men and women can do on a daily basis to restore missing testosterone.

  • Reduce stress levels.

When a person is stressed out from work, a hectic family life or even the smallest of things, their bodies release a chemical called cortisol that directly affects testosterone production. How can I boost my testosterone? Decrease stress levels and make sure not to get upset about the small things in life. Engage in at least 10 minutes of meditation per day, begin a yoga practice and learn time management skills. Keep reading for more power tools to how to boost testosterone.

How to Boost Testosterone

Testosterone levels rise while the body is at rest. The body replenishes everything and heals from a long day of hard work or play each night. That is why if a person wants to know how to boost testosterone, another natural way is to make sure to change poor sleeping habits and make sure the body gets the deep slumber it needs. Lack of sleep will ultimately hurt the body and mind in many ways. Make sure to:

  • Get at least 8 hours of deep and restful sleep in the REM phase.

If a person does not get enough shut eye at night, he or she will definitely deplete their testosterone levels and also create other issues for their health. Yes, sleep is that important.

How to Raise Testosterone Naturally

Do not underestimate the importance of eating a healthy diet every single day. People are allowed to eat foods that would be considered unhealthy in moderation; however, if the goal is to learn how to raise testosterone naturally, we will share that eating healthy foods low in the bad fats and high in the good fats such as the omega 3 fats and monosaturated fats will help with natural testosterone production. So,

  • Make sure to eat a consistently healthy diet limiting the amount of junk food and increasing healthy fruits and vegetables, lean meats like chicken and fish that are high in good and essential omega 3 fatty acids.

Food plays an extremely vital part in good health and in knowing how to raise testosterone naturally.

How to Boost Testosterone in Men

It is no secret that smoking is one of the worst things that a person can do for their entire body and mind; however, what most people do not know is that smoking also lowers and inhibits testosterone production. Stay away from nicotine because smoking is not how to boost testosterone in men, or in women for that matter. So,

  • Do not smoke and make a commitment to never start.

Studies have shown that smoking is an unhealthy habit for both genders; however, for men in particular. Men are said to suffer effects from smoking that directly relate to overall health and especially hormonal balance in their testosterone levels more than women. When a person learns how can I boost my testosterone, they should be told that nicotine from cigarettes can have a drastically bad effect on a man’s strength, endurance and fitness abilities.

How To Boost Testosterone in Women?

It should not be surprising that our answers to how can I boost my testosterone will not be too different for women than it is for men. We have already shared the importance of keeping stress levels down, eating healthy foods with healthy kinds of fats, getting at least 8 hours of sleep per night and not smoking. Here is another tip:

  • Engage in moderate exercise on a daily basis.

This will help to bring oxygen to all parts of the body and help with testosterone production. It will also help to build muscles which crave oxygen to grow, when usually a symptom of low testosterone levels is a decrease in muscle mass. Exercising the body and the mind is a great way of how to raise testosterone naturally.

How to Naturally Boost Testosterone for Men and Women?

How important is exercise to raise testosterone naturally? We already know that men and women use different hormones differently and that although both genders have testosterone in their bodies, men have more. However, learning how to naturally boost testosterone for men and women is equally important in order to live an abundantly happy life and a healthy life. Research has regularly shown that natural testosterone boosters, such as exercising, can help the physical body get much stronger and have less chance of developing osteoporosis due to poor bone density. Here are some great ways how to boost testosterone through exercising:

  • Do a series of sprints in between normal running or even in the park or in the backyard at least 2 or 3 times each week.
  • While lifting heavy weights, take a 2 minute rest period between repetitions to allow muscles to recuperate.
  • Use heavier weights. Do more repetitions with a spotter.
  • Long periods of cardiovascular work seem to adversely impact how to boost testosterone.

Exercise is important at a moderate level. These are some easy tips to follow on what seem to be great ways how to boost testosterone in men, but always be careful when starting a new workout routine and do it under supervision. We suggest supervision of exercise mostly for those people who have never been on an exercise regimen in the past. Always consult your personal care physician before embarking a new fitness or exercise program.

How to Boost Testosterone Naturally with Ease

Let us get right to some other really great ways of how to raise testosterone naturally. We here at Kingsberg Medical believe that anyone reading this page is probably dealing with seriously low testosterone levels. Readers find there is an unending spiral which causes an problem for those experiencing the effects of low testosterone levels who wish to increase those vital hormones without medical intervention.


Our experience and studies have demonstrated repeatedly that a doctor’s expertise and help with prescribed medications can create a world of difference in the results one can achieve in the area. Supporting these natural methods with an intelligent course of Low T therapy can restore the health and vitality long lost due to diminished hormone levels. Simple tips make for simple ways to increase quality of life by raising testosterone levels that make people feel less than their very best.