Testosterone Dosage for Women

Testosterone Dosage for Women

Both men and women, throughout the years and with unhealthy lifestyle living, suffer from lowered levels of testosterone in their bodies.


Of course, testosterone is mostly known for being the number one hormone in men, but women do have it, too; in lower amounts.


When a woman needs adjustments to her ranges of this hormone, the testosterone dosage for women set forth by our doctor’s prescription will be different than it will be for men. In addition, women’s dosage will vary from woman to woman. It all begins with speaking to a professional about the symptoms a woman is having and then determining the next steps to take. Expert practitioners may believe that one would benefit from taking a certain testosterone dosage to level out the hormone within the body, and they will determine exactly what one needs and prescribe high quality pharmaceuticals.

Testosterone Dosage

Just like men, women suffer from low sexual libido, unwanted unhealthy weight gain, loss of muscle, slowed mental acuteness and other symptoms as well, and it could be because they are in need of the perfect testosterone dosage to balance out their testosterone levels. This hormone is made in women when the pituitary gland in the brain signals the adrenal glands and ovaries to make small amounts; however, even those small amounts are necessary for good health. A woman’s testosterone usually hits its peak when she is in her 20’s, and then it slowly decreases.


When she is in her 40’s, it will be half of what it was when she was twenty.


That may be the time when she starts to feel symptoms that are unpleasant and will be prescribed a testosterone dosage for women if she decides that treatment is right for her.

How to Know What Testosterone Dosage is Right

Testosterone Dosage

Women will be prescribed testosterone medications, just like men will, but in much smaller doses. This can help to increase a woman’s sexual interest, ability to become aroused, and her ultimate satisfaction. How to know what testosterone dosage is right for each woman should be determined solely by a licensed doctor. Qualified physicians can be found at “TRT Medical Center ®”. Only licensed professionals should read a woman’s blood work and other test results to determine what low testosterone dosage will be the best for her.


Many times a female will need a low testosterone dosage for women to replace the missing hormone due to having their ovaries removed. This is called an oophorectomy and can create a situation where there is a vast decrease sex drive and satisfaction. Other times a woman may naturally experience a sudden very low sexual libido and need a low testosterone dosage of medication to help raise that desire. The only way to find out how to know what testosterone dosage is right for each person is to get tested.

Doctor Prescribed Testosterone Dosages for Women

In many women, the correct testosterone dosage can have a direct effect on their desire for intimacy. As all men and women age and their testosterone levels decrease, so does sex drive and sexual response. This is when doctor prescribed testosterone dosages for women, that will be determined upon each individual woman’s needs, can be very helpful. When taking the correct testosterone dosage for women, females can have more satisfaction and overall better experiences according to many different studies. In order to find out the best doctor prescribed testosterone dosage for each unique woman, testing will need to be done with qualified professionals.

Testosterone Dosages Must be Prescribed by Doctors

It is very important for a woman to be under the correct medical supervision of a licensed physician when going onto the right testosterone dosage for women. The goal of testosterone treatment for women is to level out the low quantities of testosterone without giving too much or too little. Testosterone dosages must be prescribed by doctors who are fully trained and licensed to avoid any problems with treatment.

This is very easy to do when a woman reviews her symptoms with a qualified professional. They need to know all she is dealing with to determine the perfect testosterone dosage for women that will help her to feel her very best – like when she was in her 20’s. Since testosterone studies have been done more steadfastly with men, since it is their primary hormone, women need more attention when going onto a therapy regimen, and “TRT Medical Center ®” will give that to them!