Testosterone Weight Loss

Testosterone Weight Loss

Let us explain testosterone weight loss and how it works. It has been clinically proven that excess body fat contains an enzyme called aromatase that converts testosterone into estrogen. When a person, man or woman has that extra estrogen floating around their system because they are overweight, it causes the body to slow its production of testosterone, hence making them gain even more weight. It is a vicious cycle and if the body is already low in its testosterone production, a person may not only be dealing with weight gain, but other issues as well.


The less testosterone manufactured in the body, the more belly fat will be formed. This is how the production of testosterone and weight loss are related. If one thinks that was confusing, here is how to make sense of it all; change lifestyle habits to exercise more, eat more healthy foods and to stop worrying and stressing so much. Quit that awful habit of smoking, moderate drinking and make sure that enough sleep at night is occurring (at least 8 hours).


With those habits in place, if a person is still overweight, testosterone weight loss can still occur with the right medications from a clinic like ours that is reputable and well known for helping thousands of people every year from all across the country to loss a significant amount of weight by working with us and our testosterone and weight loss program.

Testosterone For Women And Weight Loss

Testosterone and weight lossAlthough testosterone is primarily associated with being the main hormone in men (and it is), it is very important for women, too. There is no doubt that testosterone for women and weight loss are linked, according to many current studies. There are some natural ways to increase testosterone and weight loss in women when they start to put on the pounds due to decreasing testosterone which is also connected to age.


Sleeping, eating, exercising and reducing stress are some of the ways to gain more testosterone. Researchers wants us to know that the relationship between testosterone women and weight gain is a little different for women than it is for men. So, we take extra care in prescribing the right medications for women who are attempting to lose weight with natural methods in conjunction with our medications.


Women are more inclined to gain weight than men because of their higher levels of estrogen. As women age, their hormone levels fluctuate including testosterone women, and they pack on the pounds. Our doctors will very carefully review female test results to prescribe the very best for them for increasing testosterone levels just enough to help with substantial weight loss.

Testosterone And Weight Loss

It is a simple formula; aging equals loss of testosterone in the body. However, testosterone and weight loss are an equation of their own, as well. Weight gain has been clinically proven to accelerate the process of a person’s loss of the vital compound of testosterone which keeps the person feeling healthy and vital, along with many other wonderful things. Just as the loss of testosterone in men can cause the man to gain weight, testosterone women is no different.


Women have the same issue when they lose what little testosterone they started off having in the first place. Both sexes deal with loss of muscle tissue and mass as they lose this hormone. As the USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University stated, muscle mass begins to drop at a rate of about 1 percent a year once a person turns 30. Loss of testosterone women can also decrease that woman’s muscles mass and cause some of the same problems it will for men including a complete metabolic slowdown in the body. Through healthier lifestyle living and our remarkable and testosterone medications, we can help both men and women lose fat and gain muscle quickly and more importantly, safely.

Safe Testosterone Weight Loss For Men

Studies have shown that if a man has a large waist circumference, this is a strong predictor of low testosterone levels. So, how can he get safe testosterone weight loss for men? “TRT Medical Center” has it right here. Let us add to that. The same study demonstrated that waist size was a more accurate predictor than age or overall health.

Other symptoms to show a man may need to think about testosterone weight loss is if his troubles are also marked by erectile dysfunction, low sexual libido, poor mental acuity, osteoporosis, irritability, depressed mood, lethargy, heart related issues, loss of bone density and loss of muscle mass and hair.

Testosterone weight loss

These are all symptoms that can be reversed with testosterone weight loss because being overweight causes a wide variety of other problems, including adding to a man’s decreasing testosterone levels. Turn that around and replace the missing chemical compound with our clinics and doctors and see a vast difference in each man who works with our program for testosterone and weight loss.


Can Doctors Prescribe Testosterone Weight Loss?

Our clinics are highly reputable for our testosterone replacement therapy and although people sometimes contact us asking, can doctors prescribe testosterone weight loss, we will say yes; however, there must be other issues going on as well as being overweight. We are not a weight loss program in itself, but a program protocol that allows for testosterone weight loss by adding a bioidentical replica of the body’s compound via injection will help with many other symptoms that can plague both men and women as they grow older. Our success in helping people shed unwanted weight has been tremendous, as the testosterone hormone is added to the body, it balances estrogen and slows weight gain as it helps to build muscle at the same time. Our doctors can prescribe testosterone women and for men to help them in gaining back the physique and lean body they once had.

Testosterone And Weight Loss For Men And Women

How can we talk about testosterone and weight loss for men and women together and share natural ways to increase the hormone’s production so that testosterone weight loss is something that comes inherently simple to do? We want to teach clients through education and helping them to follow through with making commitments to good healthy living that will prove that not only medications will keep those unsightly pounds off the body.


Clients must learn great lifestyle habits through proper nutrition and exercise, getting at least 8 hours of sleep per night, not smoking, drinking only moderate amounts and stopping that stress before it has a chance to grab hold. These are solid ways to ensure testosterone and weight loss will fall hand in hand for a great healthy body – and let us not forget about a healthy mind too because losing weight is usually comorbid with a high self esteem and happiness. So, testosterone women and men may be handled a bit differently; however, our clinics can help with both genders to produce lasting weight loss between using our high quality medications and natural lifestyle changes that create lasting positive change.